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Our Kaska Elders

Hours of operation 9am-5pm

NNADAP worker: Rose Peter and Llyod Caesar

Court/Justice Worker: Verna Nukon

Family Support Worker:

Community Wellness:


Hours of Operation 9am -6pm

Sat-10.00am to 5.00pm

Sun-10.00am to5.00pm

Manager:Tracy Sidwicky


Manager: Owen Middleton-(306)536-8670 cell

Book Keeper: Barb Etzel



Hours of operation: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

CEO: Marie Skidmore

Book Keeper: Dorothy John

Phone (867)969-2825


The Ross River Dena Council is a First Nation in the eastern Yukon Territory in Canada. Its main centre is in Ross River, Yukon at the junction of the Campbell Highway and the Canol Road, near the confluence of the Pelly River and the Ross River. The language originally spoken by the people of this First Nation was mainly Kaska, although a number of the First Nation’s citizens are Slavey speakers. The First Nation has approximately 55o registered members.

Position Last Name First Name Phone Number Email Address
Finance Property Officer
Accounts Payable Clerk
General Finance Clerk
Pay & Benefits Clerk
Finance Controller
Accounts Payable Clerk

Position Last Name First Name Phone Number Email Address
Executive Director
Executive Director
IT and System Administrator
Systems Administrator
Administration Custodian
General Inquiries/Reception
Citizenship & Enrollment Registrar
Administrative Assistant
Registrar of Citizenship & Enrollment

Community Services is responsible for the infrastructure and building planning and maintenance within the Ross River Dena Council.

The Ross River Economic Development Department is responsible for building the skills and capacity within its citizenship in order to generate economic wealth for future generations.